Lily of the Valley Egg









See below the egg photo for the various supplies used. All the items used to make this egg can be purchased here on our site.

Rhea or Goose Eggshell
Hunter Green Foil
Lily of the Valley Cameo
Custom Heirloom Scroll Sticker (You will need 2 sheets)
(We used a Sharpie Marker in Green to color in the Ivy.)
#101 Tourmaline Rhinestone Chain
M Scallop Braid is the trim around the Rhinestone Chain
#14 Antique German Braid is used around the foil
#2 Up-Eye
3/8 inch Gold Jump Ring

Paint a goose egg with Design Master Flat White or Ivory spray paint. Mark with a center girth band 1 3/4 inch wide and an oval using the 2 7/8 inch template. An oval to fit your cameo is now cut from the center of your larger oval.

Glue cording to the markings for the girth lines and the large oval. Set aside until thoroughly dry and secure. These will be your guide lines for the foil.

With a flat paintbrush, brush white glue (I use Elmer's) in a thin, even coat on the band and then place a strip of foil, which is cut slightly larger than your band, in the glue. Mold it into shape with your hands and then start smoothing it with a smooth round stick such as a pen or the handle of your drape stick. All wrinkles will smooth right out to the edge of your cording. Make a sharp edge against the cord (you can use your fingernail, toothpick, or the end of your drape stick).

Now you can either cut along the edge of the cording with a razor knife (Exacto or other) or lift the foil and cut along the sharp line with scissors. Repeat foil process on oval. Add another row of cording to cover any rough edges.

Glue on cameo. Add whatever trim you desire such as the Class-A-Peels, A-Peeling Designs, rhinestone chain, pearls, braid, etc. I vary it with every egg I make.

For another variation I sometimes reverse the large oval, cover with foil as above and then glue the cameo in the center without having to cut a hole for it.










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